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Regional Centre for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases and Nutrition

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The World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Centre for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases and Nutrition (RTTD) was established at IMR in 1978. The Centre is supported by the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO), the UNDP / World Bank / WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) and other donor agencies under bilateral agreement with WHO and has the following objectives:

The Long-Term Objectives:

To continue developing new, improved methods for the control of major communicable and non-communicable diseases, especially for parasitic and nutritional-related diseases prevailing in Malaysia and the Western Pacific Region.

Medium -Term Objectives:

  • To expand and improve research and training of research personnel at Regional level, and,
  • To function as the coordinating Centre for continuity of research and training at Regional level

Near-Term Objectives:

  • To provide research training in areas of Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Immunology, Entomology, Filariasis / Malaria and Nutrition to regional institutions;
  • To identify and collaborate with other regional institutions and together, plan and conduct workshops for above activities;
  • To expand the role of the IMR in providing reference materials such as scientific literatures and publications in biomedical research; and
  • To provide biotechnology-related technical support available in IMR to regional institutions.




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