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Introduction to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Section

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Welcome to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Section!

GLP Section is the most recent unit formed under the Herbal Medicine Research Centre in year 2018. The purpose of our establishment is mainly to facilitate the conduct of GLP studies by the Non-Clinical Research Facility (NCRF), IMR. This facility located in Jalan Pahang is an accredited GLP laboratory since 2014. The Unit researchers have pivotal roles in accordance to GLP Principles: Test Facility Management (TFM), Quality Assurance (QA), Test & Reference Item (TRI), Study Director (SD), Study Personnel (SP), and Archiving. 

The niche of the GLP Section and NCRF, IMR would be the conduct of in vivo toxicology studies on rats to determine the safety of a product proposed to be registered with Regulatory Authorities worldwide. Our team of GLP-trained personnel conducts in vivo general toxicity studies in accordance with GLP Principles and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Test Guideline (TG) 420, 407, and 408 which are single dose (acute) oral toxicity study, repeated dose 28-day (sub-acute) oral toxicity study and repeated dose 90-day (sub-chronic) oral toxicity study respectively.

The OECD-GLP compliance is the highest standard of laboratory practice in which we are equipped with well-maintained technologies and skilled human resource capacity to conduct toxicology animal studies. We strive to deliver GLP compliant services namely general clinical observation, detailed clinical observation, food /water intake, body weight, ophthalmological examination, clinical biochemistry analysis, haematological analysis, functional observation, necropsy, gross pathology, organ weighing and histopathology slides. To acquire this, continuous trainings are implemented to further develop expertise in animal research. We also ensure regular dialogues with our compliance monitoring authority, as well as other local and international OECD-GLP compliant test facilities for latest information on OECD-GLP and its principles.




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