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Activities of GLP Section

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  1. Single dose (acute) oral toxicity studies on rats according to OECD TG 420.
  2. Repeated dose 28-day (sub-acute) oral toxicity studies on rats according to OECD TG 407.
  3. Repeated dose 90-day (sub-chronic) oral toxicity studies on rats according to OECD TG 408.
  4. Animal toxicology studies according to international guidelines -ICH, FDA and EMA.
  5. Single dose (acute) oral toxicity studies on rats according to OECD TG 420 and GLP Principles for Malaysian Herbal Monograph.
  6. Provide consultation and organise meetings with potential sponsors such as   ministries, universities, pharmaceutical companies, and industries to conduct animal toxicology studies.
  7. Organise GLP Refresher Course yearly for NCRF Personnel and other general GLP courses for newly appointed NCRF personnel.
  8. Organise specialised animal training and competency evaluations -blood sampling, necropsy, histopathology, ophthalmological and more. 
  9. Organise specialised GLP personnel role training and competency evaluations -Study Director, Quality Assurance, Study Personnel and more.
  10. Coordinate and facilitate surveillance inspections by CMA for the renewal of OECD-GLP certification of NCRF every 2 years.
  11. Coordinate and facilitate visits from local and international GLP facilities. 
Picture1    Picture2

Figure 1: Rat cage changing activity
during GLP study


Figure 2: Rat feed and bedding storage

Picture3   Picture4

Figure 3: Rats’ organs histopathology slide
staining procedure


Figure 4: Rats’ blood biochemistry
and haematology analysis.

Picture5   Picture6

Figure 5: Pathologist reading histopathology
slides using microscope


Figure 6: Archiving procedures are followed
and maintained by trained archivists

Picture7   Picture9

Picture 7: Training on rats’ organ
grossing procedure


Picture 8: GLP Refresher course conducted
every year for NCRF Personnel





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